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Who We Are

Board & Staff

Board of Trustees

NEF’s volunteer board is made up of passionate community members who are dedicated to bettering the lives of students. The Naperville 203 Superintendent (Dan Bridges) and a member of the District 203 Board of Education (Joseph Kozminski) also serve on the board to help assure that NEF's programs align with district priorities.

Board Officers

Board Members

Student Ambassadors

Emmery Clements, Naperville Central High School
Faye Tyschper, Naperville North High School

District Liaison (Non-Voting)

Jacque Clermont, Director of Community Relations, Naperville 203
Kim Dreisbach, Supervisor of Social Work Services, Naperville 203
Amanda McMillan, Board of Education, Naperville 203
Hugh Boger, Principal, Scott Elementary, Naperville 203
Jackie Romberg, Board Advisor, Community Member
Jayne Willard, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction, Naperville 203