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Express Grants

Immediate funding for your best ideas.

Express Grants are a quick and easy way for Naperville 203 staff and students’ great ideas to become reality in the current school year. This rolling grant cycle occurs monthly and provides up to $1,000 for immediate use.

All grants must be:

  • Initiated by a District 203 staff member or student and support at least one D203 school
  • Approved by the school's principal
  • Aligned to your school’s Improvement Plan and/or to a curricular area or standard 

Express Grant applications open on September 1, are reviewed on the 15th of every month, and are awarded monthly while funds last.

Congratulations to our 2021-2022 Express Grant winners!

December 2021 Winners

Bridging Graphic Novels

Natasha Konrad - Madison Junior High School

Funds will be used to help to build a collection of titles written in verse that will help reluctant readers transition from graphic novels to traditional ones.

620 students impacted

I Survived the Integration of Fiction and Nonfiction

Allison Anderson, Alyssa Estvander, Raquel Cortez, and Leann Martin - Mill Street Elementary School

Funds will be used to purchase multiple copies of the high interest non-fiction book series, I Survived in English and Spanish to support engagement and reading growth for fourth graders. This grant addresses the high value of pairing fiction and nonfiction texts using authentic literature related to social science. 

100 students impacted

Fine Motor Academic Centers

Stephanie Schreiner and Kristin Lee - Naper Elementary School

Based on Susan Thompson's Handy Learning program, this project will provide multi-sensory and highly engaging activities to help build fine motor skills in kindergarteners and first graders.

100 students impacted

Got Your Back With This Pack: Behavior Support Toolkit

Ashley Dougherty and Christine O'Neil - Beebe Elementary School

Funds will be used to purchase supplies to build toolkits to be used by the Instructional Support Team when supporting students in crisis throughout the building. 

30 students impacted

Meaningful Math and SEL Learning Beyond the Classroom

Nicole Stevens, Jaime Noffke, and Linda Smith - Meadow Glens Elementary School

Students and teachers can check out board games, labeled with math and social-emotional learning targets and family discussion questions, from the Learning Commons.

490 students impacted

Engaging Students in Reading Through Inclusive and Complex Texts

Samantha Robbins and Sarah Viager - Kingsley Elementary School

Third grade reading materials will include diverse characters whom students can identify with and be inspired by, increase text complexity and context, and appeal to student interests.

82 students impacted

A Functioning Learning Environment: A Book Study on Executive Functioning Skills in the Classroom

Colleen Glasby and Christine O'Neil - Beebe Elementary School

Funds will be used to support a book study for 20 staff members and provide them resources to enhance students' executive functioning in the classroom. Students in all grade levels will benefit from the shared learning amongst staff members as instructional strategies are implemented across grade levels. 

449 students impacted

Integrating Spanish Text to Develop Skills and Cultivate Love for Learning

Veronica Zamora - Jefferson Junior High School

High-interest Spanish language books will help teach essential standards, support achievement of children from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, and promote bilingualism and biliteracy.

200 students impacted

Personal Care Cart

Junior High Students with the help of Chris Heffernan - Jefferson Junior High School

A Personal Care Cart will help junior high students with unexpected (and potentially embarrassing) needs by giving them access to personal hygiene products, wardrobe malfunction solutions, and fidget devices.

150 students impacted

LGBTQIA+ Inclusivity Books

Junior High Students with the help of Liza Palubicki and Jennifer Nekolny - Jefferson Junior High School

Funds will be used to purchase age-appropriate LGBTQIA+ friendly books. JJHS students identified books for elementary audiences, which were then chosen by librarians at 12 elementary schools. These books will help students feel recognized and accepted as well as encourage learning and understanding.

6,258 students impacted

November 2021 Winners

Structured Literacy Grant

Karen Otto-Waddell - Ranch View Elementary School

The grant will provide supplies to create 20-22 at home STEAM kits for students to check out and take home. 

Take-Home Math Games

Lauren Michels - River Woods Elementary School

The grant will purchase supplies to create portable math games for students to take home.

Ensuring Educational Excellence Through Decodable Texts

Christine Roy and Kristine Campbell - Mill Street Elementary

The grant will purchase books for 2nd and 3rd graders to increase literacy skills. "The funding for this grant for decodable texts is crucial in the success for many early readers in second and third grade with phonics."

STEAM To-Go Kits for Check Out

Rebecca Nelson - Teacher at Jefferson Junior High School

"Through circulated kits, students will be encouraged to continue their sense of wonder and exploration outside of the physical school building."

Women in Automotive Aerodynamics

Grace Ditch, Avery Belgio, and Grace Carsello - Naperville North High School

Materials will help young women learn about aerodynamics when engineering a car. "[This] will give many of our female students confidence and a gateway into a male dominated program at our school."

Identity, Inclusion, and Diversity

Annemarie Pradel - Highlands Elementary School

"This grant is to build an identity, inclusion, and diversity library for our school. We are a diverse community focused on the inclusion of all students that celebrates each students' many facets of identity."

Ellsworth 5th Grade Craft Club

Students with help from David Liszka and Kim Rutan - Ellsworth Elementary School

This grant will purchase supplies for the Ellsworth 5th Grade Craft Club. "[This will] allow students to express their creativity, help the community through service projects, and provide the opportunity for students to work and problem solve together."

October 2021 Winners

Educational Equity Through Music

Caitlin Skrbec - Meadow Glens Elementary School!

This grant will be used to purchase additional quality xylophones for equitable distribution of quality instruments for all classes. "Bringing in access to more instruments allows students to practice responsible decision making and self-management skills."

Manga Collection Development

Josh Stumpenhorst - Lincoln Junior High School

Funds will be used to meet student demand for Manga graphic novels that has far exceeded current supply and budget. With this grant, they will be able to exponentially increase the quantity and variety of titles in the library. "These books are a creative and innovative format of literature which is directly in line with our students' current interests."

The Steeple Run Goodmintons 

Maggie Kulzick - Steeple Run Elementary School!

The grant will purchase supplies necessary to set up a badminton gym after school in the Steeple Run gym for girls 2-5th grade. "Students will learn the foundations of badminton while learning important life skills such as teamwork, growth mindset, patience, and perseverance."

September 2021 Winners

OSHA 10 Hour Certification 

Grace Twietmeyer, Wright King, and Chris Feid - Naperville Central High School 

This grant will provide students the opportunity to pursue Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) 10 hour certification for free. "By providing our Geometry in Construction students with the ability to get OSHA-10 General Industry certified, we are fulfilling our safety target in out Construction Curriculum. Students will learn about the basics of OSHA, as well as many of the most common hazards in General Industry."

Building Thinking Classrooms in Mathematics 

Kimberly Lukawski and Amy Eissens - Lincoln Junior High School

"The use of non-permanent vertical space (NPVS) allows students to stand, see other groups' work, try various methods & erase easily, and make connections between & among the problems of which they are working. These funds will be used to purchase six NPVSs in the form of Wipebook Heavy Duty Flip Charts. This will directly benefit students as they learn soft skills of communication, work with a variety of classmates, and share their work."

A Friend Like Me

Eileen Hall and Naseem Ghouse - Scott Elementary School

"The purpose of this grant is to provide kindergarteners with authentic learning through play opportunities that cultivate cultural awareness. The purchase of multicultural dolls will reflect the diverse cultures represented in the classroom, open the door to interactions that help children understand one another, and value the uniqueness of each student."