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A Day of Gratitude, Giving and Celebration

#203Day is an annual day of gratitude, giving and celebration of the people, places and things that make Naperville 203 special. On February 3 (2/03) - the second month and third day of the year - the community will celebrate the teachers, staff, students, parents, volunteers, schools, community members and businesses - past, present and future - who all work together to make Naperville 203 unique.

Show your gratitude by making a gift of any amount to the Naperville Education Foundation, the district's non-profit arm, on or before February 3. Donors can share a memory or note with the community about what makes Naperville 203 important to them. 

The collective impact of the donations made will create opportunities for current and future students to make the most of their education. 

Messages and Memories

The following memories, notes and thanks are from community members who have donated to support NEF as a part of the #203Day celebration. 


I was an educator in Dist. 203 for 38 years.  I retired in 2003. I am still volunteering at Prairie Elementary School in Jenni Rogers Class.  District 203 is the Best!!! - Mary Ann Bobosky

Thank you to all the teachers and staff for your hard work and commitment to the students! - Anonymous

I was a member of the District 203 community 203 for 28 years in several different positions. The goal was to put students first.  The partnership with the community made the work exciting and rewarding. The mission of the district came alive in the classrooms and the boardroom. It was the basis of all decisions. I value my years with District 203. The impact of District 203 in my life cannot be measured. - Lenore Johnson

A lot of family memories and investment in 203. I met my wife in high school and graduated from Central, our kids graduated from NCHS, and now our grand children are attending NCHS! What a wonderful school system we have! - Mike Briggs 

We love the 203 teachers! Thank you for your hard work! - Anonymous

I'm so grateful for the wonderful partnership with our students, educators and staff, parents, community! And for NEF with their incredible support for students! Thankful to be a part of this district! - Anonymous

Being a member of the District 203 community of professional educators and being a District 203 parent has been both an honor and a blessing. I live and work in a community that keeps what's best for our students as top priority. I have seen our district innovate and shift practices as the needs of our students have changed over the years. We remain focused on meeting students where they are while supporting their academic and their emotional growth. My son has had an outstanding experience at every level. He's supported, he's challenged and he's prepared for success when he leaves us. It's the people that make District 203 so special and I'm so proud to be a member of the District 203 community. - Jackie Thornton

In honor of the people, programs, and partners who make Naperville 203 an amazing community! - Dawn and Dan Bridges

As a D203 staff member of 20+ years, I am still excited to come to work every day! The happy, eager smiles on the faces of our incoming Kindergarten students, parents who are invested in their student's education and generously volunteer their time in our schools and fellow staff, who have become "family," are all integral pieces of D203's success. As the parent of two NCHS graduates and a grateful member of the staff, I am truly blessed to be part of the D203 family! - Maureen Dvorak

Happy #203 Day!  What a fun way to celebrate all students, families, and Naperville 203 staff that make our community great! - Alissa Johnson Tripas

We appreciate all of the hard work that goes into making District 203 a success! Ron and Amy Amato

My husband and I are proud alumni of D203! We are grateful for the amazing staff and community that continues to support this wonderful district. #PartnersInGrowth - J. Willard

My son studied abroad after his freshman year of college. His international professor said he was the "most well-educated student" he had ever had in his class! - Anonymous

I am a proud alumnus of Naperville 203, as I cannot possibly say enough good things about my experience as a student in the district.  As an alumnus, and now as a 203 parent, I continue to sing the praises of this wonderful school system, and it makes me overjoyed that my own child is now going through 203! - Kevin Froehlich

My husband and I grew up in Naperville 203, 4 children currently attend 203 schools and my Mom was a music teacher at Beebe Elementary for many years. Great place to grow up! - J. Clermont

So grateful for our dedicated staff that have left an amazing impact on my life as their coworker and the lives of those they have taught. How fortunate our kids are to have such positive role models in their lives. - Cheri

Working with NEF and the District 203 community is so rewarding! They have done so much through these many years to support the fine students of District 203. - Gail Niermeyer

Naperville 203 is home! - Anonymous

I went to school in District 203 my whole life and that’s where my love of learning and reading and all things SCHOOL began!!  I loved school as a kid in 203 and I’m passing along my love of school to my 3 boys now because of that.  I loved all my teachers. It’s also the best of the best in the country :) :) :) - Lisa Mayotte Dell

Thank you Naperville 203 teachers and staffs. Keep up the good work! - Kabita Joshi

Susan Stuckey was a great principal at Highlands Elementary School, may she rest in peace. - Rob Plank

The staff in Naperville 203 inspire me every day to continue to learn and grow! - Anonymous

A #203Day donation was made by Tina Barbaccia

800 characters would never be enough to say how much we love the Highlands World. Teachers, employees, students, families, community! We are so blessed for being part of this world! So many memories in so little time! We had such an amazing start with Mrs. Pajor still during Covid when while in quarantine she was so kind to drive all the way to our place to drop off books and activities for our Kindergartner at that time. This year we are so lucky to have Dr. Shambo with his upbeat attitude, great knowledge and professionalism with a big heart. What a perfect mix. Not to mention the amazing families that we became friends with. A school that has so many reasons to be celebrated! Thank you Highlands! - The Vida Scatena Family (Lara)

School District 203 is the right model of the Best American Education that we are all chasing after. - Anonymous

Hope we can help the students! - Jiang Jin

Naperville 203 and the Connections program is amazing! - Anonymous

We are grateful for the Dual Language program in Naperville 203 and all its leaders, teachers and assistants. The program has taught them more than language skills - it has also broadened their view of the world. Gracias! - Anonymous

We want to thank the teachers for their dedication and wonderful work.  - Mr. and Mrs. Brown

Being an Adaptive P.E. leader has positively changed my ability to interact with all peers within my community.  - Anonymous

Thank you for all the opportunities you have given me and for believing in me. - Anonymous

Thank you to all my teachers for helping me learn and grow! - Anonymous



Messages and Memories will be added within one business day of the donation being made, Monday through Thursday. Thank you for sharing your notes!