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What We Do


Promoting collaboration, teamwork, and inclusion through robotics!

NEF funding supports FIRST LEGO League (FLL) at all 14 elementary schools and at all 5 middle schools. These programs increase the number of students who have learning experiences with science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) outside of the school day.


Robotics creates an environment where students use STEM skills to design, create and improve solutions to problems. It encourages the inquiry process, provides computer programming skills and experience, and promotes collaboration, teamwork and inclusion. Students get the opportunity to show off what they have learned about coding, and more importantly, teamwork during the yearly in-district competition.


FIRST LEGO League 2019 District 203 Tournament


Through robotics, students learn, gain, and experience:

Social emotional skills - Collaboration - Team building

Flexible mindset - Innovation - Risk-taking

Engineering skills - Problem solving - Critical thinking

See robotics in action in the videos below!



Thank you to our generous sponsor:

Robotics Sponsor