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What We Do

Kid Booster

Providing funds to support students in need.

When Naperville 203 social workers or staff identify barriers to student learning, the Kid Booster Anonymous Fund provides needed support to meet at- risk students' unique needs to enhance educational, physical, or social emotional well-being. 

The intent of Kid Booster is to provide a timely response and the “missing link” under circumstances where there’s no known family, district, or community system available to address the need

Recent ways kid booster has supported students:

  •  Provision minivan with chair lift allowing student with physical needs to attend an outdoor education program
  •  Funded for psychiatric services for a student who is at-risk without financial resources
  •  Supplementation of voice-activated computers for two students with physical needs

Support Kid Booster Anonymous

Please consider making a donation to the Kid Booster Anonymous Fund to help NEF continue to secure funding to better serve District 203 students in need.

NOTE: Kid Booster Anonymous Fund requests must be generated by members of Naperville School District 203’s staff and administration.

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