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What We Do

2020-2021 Express Grants

Congratulations to our 2020-2021 Express Grant winners!


Success Peer Groups

Danielle Brown and Stephanie Hebron - Jefferson Junior High School

Monthly peer groups allow students to have honest and open dialogues and an outlet for creative expression. Art and journaling provide a way to express feelings on race and adversity, to increase belonging and connection.


We Are Indestructible!

Jean Abbott - Ann Reid Early Childhood Center

22 classroom sets of 7 indestructible books made of 100% nontoxic material are easy to clean and withstand multiple washes. They can be wiped down between student use, keeping students safe while increasing their reading time


"A Word After a Word After a Word is Power"

Maggie Kulzik - Steeple Run Elementary School

The purchase of Rocketbooks helps support students' writing and language skills in both English and Spanish in an e-learning environment. The reusable notebooks allow students to write by hand and connect with a smart device app to let students instantly scan and upload their writing for their teacher.


Beebe Bobcat Calming Toolkit

Taylor Bird - Beebe Elementary School

Individualized calming toolkits for all Beebe students ensure equitable access and empowerment to use developmentally appropriate social-emotional learning tools. Staff videos and ongoing check-in systems help families and staff utilize resources and adjust to student needs as necessary.


0-100 Decks

Annemarie Pradel - Highlands Elementary School

Each kindergartner receives a number deck of 0-100 cards to help build number sense, construct position of number and work with magnitude of number. The number deck supports them in building language concepts as they relate to math such as the words before and after


Sound All Around

Jennifer Sardone - Kingsley Elementary School

An interactive hands-on learning lab provided by a DuPage Children's Museum educator and the learning commons teacher. Students will receive a set of materials to work remotely and collaboratively to use creativity and imagination to create musical instruments.


Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity in Pre-K

Tiauna King - Ann Reid Early Childhood Center

Diverse books, puzzles, posters and musical instruments will help teach diversity and inclusion through literacy and social-emotional lessons. The grant addresses the need for diverse representation in pre-K classrooms.


Girls STEM Club

Stephanie Shallcross and Jaime Noffke - Meadow Glens Elementary School

This clubs fills social emotional needs to build the girls' confidence in math and STEM and provide a fun and hands-on way to engage with their peers during the pandemic.


Diverse Holiday Books

Safa Dada - Scott Elementary School

This grant addresses the need for diverse holiday books that represent the student population. This grant will provide opportunities for all students to learn about diverse cultures and holidays and to recognize the celebrations that occur in their school community.


Imaginative Play at a Distance

Megan Lara and Molly Harris - Maplebrook Elementary School

Individual play sets support quality play interactions for full day Preschool For All Expansion classrooms during uniquely challenging times. Individual sets support parallel, rather than true cooperative play, which is needed to safely interact due to current safety protocols, where group play furniture had to be removed.


Reaching All Middle School Readers During Remote Learning

Brian O'Dowd, Tobey Sanford, Jim Gorey, Natasha Konrad, Josh Stumpenhorst, and Melinda Sherry - Washington, Madison, Lincoln, Kennedy, and Jefferson Junior High Schools

Each middle school library holds over 8,000 physical books, and students have access to checking out and picking up books at the buildings during the pandemic. However, not all families can travel to school due to COVID-19, transportation or work schedules. To counter potential inequity of access to books, more audio and ebooks allows more readers more access to more books.


Naperville Children's Business Fair

Athena Chen and Christine Bell - Naperville Central High School 

The Naperville Children's Business Fair is an event that showcases local young entrepreneurship and holds competition between the entrepreneurs, divided into three age groups of 5,7 8-11, and 12-14, to see who has the “Most Unique Business Idea” and “Most Unique Presentation."


Math Manipulatives Make a Difference!/Literacy Loveables!

Jennifer Okarma - Summer School

This grant provides literacy manipulatives as well as materials to model and implement active reading and writing strategies for students attending summer school.


Genius Hours Implementation

Kristine Campbell and Julie Comer - Mill Street Elementary

This grant promotes the opportunity for students to make an impactful change in our community, learning that they, as children, can make a difference in the world.


Artsonia Upload Stations

Emily Fiedler - Elmwood Elementary School

This project aids students in creating art portfolios throughout their elementary tenure. Additionally, because of art shows and other opportunities it would act as a communication piece with families about what they are creating during art.