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2023-2024 Express Grant Winners

Congratulations to our 2022-2023 Express Grant Recipients!

October 2023 Recipients

I see ME! Inclusive Learning through Play - Multicultural Community Helpers

Reyna Nungaray, Elmwood Elementary School

This grant funds materials to allow students the opportunity to be exposed to play-based materials that represent the wide variety of cultures present in Naperville’s community helpers and people in authority to foster a sense of community, respect, and inclusion. The materials consist of 2 sets of Community Block Play People, Community Puppets, Community Workers Book sets, Community Workers Poster Packs, and Careers Puzzle Sets to rotate amongst kindergarten classrooms throughout their instructional period relating to social sciences and civics education.

115 students impacted

Lincoln E-Sports

Josh Stumpenhorst - Lincoln Junior High School 

This grant will increase Lincoln’s capacity to provide the E-Sports experience to more students at Lincoln by funding more devices for the number of students interested in gaming through the Lincoln Tech and Gamers Guild club. Funds will go toward purchasing two Nintendo Switch consoles and eight controllers. Providing gaming opportunities to more students will benefit students by promoting teamwork, strategic thinking, improved hand-eye coordination, and a positive and inclusive social environment. 

700 students impacted

Bolstering Equity and a Sense of Belonging for NNHS’ 171 EL Students

Jeffery Farson - Naperville North High School

This grant funds the purchase of four hand-held two-way translation devices to eradicate barriers in communicating naturally with English Learner students and their families. Having these devices at key areas in the building will allow students and staff members to quickly and naturally engage in unplanned communication. Having these devices available will empower EL students, their families, and staff members to foster a greater sense of belonging in the NNHS community and set a foundation for success in academic, personal, and social-emotional goals. 

171 students impacted

NNHS Community Center Environment and SEL Manipulatives

Jen Smith - Naperville North High School

This grant funds SEL manipulatives, games, sensory objects, and environment improvements for the Naperville North High School Community Center. 

The addition of new materials will allow for an expansion of SEL instructional tools and strategies, increasing the center’s ability to meet the various needs of students. This will ensure that every student feels a meaningful, strong connection to Naperville North High School.

150 students impacted