Fun, fitness and funds for your favorite school!

Walk or run the Virtual PLUS Healthy Driven Naperville Half Marathon or 5K and raise funds as a Charity Hero on TEAM NEF. TEAM NEF is a group of parents, teachers, staff, community members and students who will walk or run a half or 5K on October 18, 2020, raising funds and awareness for NEF and the schools of Naperville District 203. This year’s event is Virtual: team members will run or walk at the time and location that suits them best!

TEAM members commit to raising at least $203, and half of the funds raised go directly to the Naperville 203 school of their choice with half going to support district-wide NEF programs. Members can also choose to have all funds raised go to NEF. 

Last year’s 487 walkers and runners raised more than $138,000 to support the students of Naperville 203.  

Interested in joining the TEAM? Registration will reopen for a short time in August. Fill in this form to be notified when registration reopens.

Email for more information. 

Race updates due to COVID-19: This year’s race is virtual. Information about the race is posted on the run organizer’s website at There is a COVID-19 update page at   



2020 Team Member Listing

(Updated 6/1/2020 at 6:00 AM)

TEAM NEF member Race Raising funds for NEF and:
Kate Waller 5K Ann Reid Early Childhood Center
Sarah Dumler 5K Beebe Elementary
Renee Herrmann 5K Beebe Elementary
Denise OBrien-Peterson 5K Beebe Elementary
Jessica Alltop Half Marathon Elmwood Elementary
Stephanie Arnold 5K Elmwood Elementary
Andria Baumgartner Half Marathon Elmwood Elementary
Andrew Bax 5K Elmwood Elementary
Anne Blank 5K Elmwood Elementary
Sarah Cain 5K Elmwood Elementary
Lilliana Carrillo 5K Elmwood Elementary
Elizabeth Correa 5K Elmwood Elementary
Stephanie Cowan 5K Elmwood Elementary
Debbie Czerak 5K Elmwood Elementary
Cortes Damary Half Marathon Elmwood Elementary
Jen Dolson 5K Elmwood Elementary
Marlene Espinoza 5K Elmwood Elementary
Emily Fiedler 5K Elmwood Elementary
Leslie Figueroa Half Marathon Elmwood Elementary
Nicole Folsom 5K Elmwood Elementary
Shelby Getzin 5K Elmwood Elementary
Katelyn Haack 5K Elmwood Elementary
Victoria Hegranes 5K Elmwood Elementary
Lynn Henz 5K Elmwood Elementary
Elizabeth Ivansek 5K Elmwood Elementary
Kimmy Krzyszkowski 5K Elmwood Elementary
Matt Langes 5K Elmwood Elementary
Krissy Ludlam 5K Elmwood Elementary
McKenna Lulic 5K Elmwood Elementary
Jen Maita 5K Elmwood Elementary
Caryn McKissic 5K Elmwood Elementary
Renate Miller Half Marathon Elmwood Elementary
Mary Nameche 5K Elmwood Elementary
Colleen Olenek 5K Elmwood Elementary
Janet Park Half Marathon Elmwood Elementary
Anne Pealer 5K Elmwood Elementary
Gloria Peters 5K Elmwood Elementary
Kelly Pokorny 5K Elmwood Elementary
Lauren Rayborn 5K Elmwood Elementary
Jennifer Reible 5K Elmwood Elementary
Rebecca Siambekos Half Marathon Elmwood Elementary
Erin Stablein 5K Elmwood Elementary
Dana Stevens 5K Elmwood Elementary
Kelly Wollemann 5K Elmwood Elementary
Elizabeth Wroblewski 5K Elmwood Elementary
Mary Kernkamp 5K Highlands Elementary
Jamie Pontecorvo Half Marathon Highlands Elementary
Stephanie Hebron Half Marathon Jefferson Junior High
Lindsay Pennings 5K Jefferson Junior High
Zahra Vohra 5K Jefferson Junior High
Alexandria Gohla 5K Kennedy Junior High
Anthony Murray 5K Kennedy Junior High
Owen Schade 5K Kennedy Junior High
Kimberly Blitek 5K Kingsley Elementary
Katie Calvey 5K Kingsley Elementary
Anissa Danley 5K Kingsley Elementary
Ann Estey Half Marathon Kingsley Elementary
Melissa Herth 5K Kingsley Elementary
Kathy Keogh Half Marathon Kingsley Elementary
Kelly Llewellyn 5K Kingsley Elementary
Michelle Majack 5K Kingsley Elementary
Jennifer Sardone 5K Kingsley Elementary
Steven Schnack 5K Kingsley Elementary
Jill Sowell 5K Kingsley Elementary
Jamie Wolf Half Marathon Kingsley Elementary
Brandon Blitek 5K Lincoln Junior High
Corie Folley Half Marathon Lincoln Junior High
Brian Glasby Half Marathon Lincoln Junior High
Kimberly Lukawski Half Marathon Lincoln Junior High
Jennifer Okarma Half Marathon Lincoln Junior High
Will Zigterman 5K Lincoln Junior High
Emily Borta Half Marathon Madison Junior High
Stephanie Charvat 5K Madison Junior High
Tracey Cowart 5K Madison Junior High
Andrea Holba Half Marathon Madison Junior High
Ashley Johns Half Marathon Madison Junior High
Stefany Konatarevic 5K Madison Junior High
Haley Lottig 5K Madison Junior High
Kelly Radtke 5K Madison Junior High
Jennifer Sanders 5K Madison Junior High
Andrea Szczepanski 5K Madison Junior High
Nancy Voise 5K Madison Junior High
Elizabeth Yanke 5K Madison Junior High
Stephen Yi Half Marathon Madison Junior High
Kathleen Cameron Half Marathon Maplebrook Elementary
Kristen Napekoski 5K Maplebrook Elementary
Emily Tonon Half Marathon Maplebrook Elementary
Amanda Zigterman 5K Maplebrook Elementary
Susan Ekkebus 5K Mill Street Elementary
Maribel Guerrero 5K Mill Street Elementary
Clementina Kuchuris 5K Mill Street Elementary
Radka Cabrera Half Marathon Naper Elementary
Ryan Carrizales 5K Naper Elementary
Kelsey Chaidez 5K Naper Elementary
Lauren Dawson 5K Naper Elementary
Tracy Dvorchak 5K Naper Elementary
Katie Farrell 5K Naper Elementary
Suzy Flack 5K Naper Elementary
Tamara Gasior 5K Naper Elementary
Paige Kelly 5K Naper Elementary
Kristin Lee 5K Naper Elementary
Michael Madzinski 5K Naper Elementary
Alex O’Connor Half Marathon Naper Elementary
Tim O’Connor Half Marathon Naper Elementary
Melana Rivera 5K Naper Elementary
Sarah Ruban Half Marathon Naper Elementary
Elizabeth Sheridan 5K Naper Elementary
Nina Stephanides 5K Naper Elementary
Julie Strang 5K Naper Elementary
Kendall Willis Half Marathon Naper Elementary
DJ Alstadt 5K Naperville Central High
Christine Bell Half Marathon Naperville Central High
John Brazda Half Marathon Naperville Central High
Jennifer Jansen 5K Naperville Central High
John Roegner 5K Naperville Central High
Jie Su Half Marathon Naperville Central High
Jackie Thornton 5K Naperville Central High
Kim Henderson 5K Naperville North High
Michael Hughes Half Marathon Naperville North High
Keri King 5K Naperville North High
Casandra Stevens Half Marathon Naperville North High
Julie Beehler 5K NEF
Colleen Cannon-Ruffo 5K NEF
Charles Cush 5K NEF
Jean Cush 5K NEF
Kim Dreisbach 5K NEF
Kristin Fitzgerald 5K NEF
Gretchen Gallois Half Marathon NEF
Wendy Goettsch 5K NEF
Joseph Harriman 5K NEF
Monica Lucibello 5K NEF
Neveen Michael 5K NEF
Patrick Nolten 5K NEF
Thomas Reif 5K NEF
Jackie Romberg 5K NEF
Kitty Ryan 5K NEF
Jenny Tank 5K NEF
Daniel Rohr 5K Prairie Elementary
Kathryn Rohr 5K Prairie Elementary
Jacob Wantland Half Marathon Prairie Elementary
Janet Yang Rohr 5K Prairie Elementary
Amy Schade 5K River Woods Elementary
Stacey Siambekos Half Marathon River Woods Elementary
Kara Van Lieu 5K River Woods Elementary
Kim Huffman Half Marathon Scott Elementary
Karoline Boehm-Goodnick Half Marathon Steeple Run Elementary
Carrie Haberstich Half Marathon Steeple Run Elementary
Josh Louis 5K Steeple Run Elementary
Stephanie McCauley Half Marathon Steeple Run Elementary
Emilie Sanford 5K Steeple Run Elementary
Christa Valkanos 5K Steeple Run Elementary
Joe Kozminski 5K Washington Junior High
Tim Panega 5K Washington Junior High

TEAM NEF member, raising funds for NEF and:

Kate Waller, Ann Reid Early Childhood Center

Sarah Dumler, Beebe Elementary

Renee Herrmann, Beebe Elementary

Denise OBrien-Peterson, Beebe Elementary

Jessica Alltop, Elmwood Elementary

Stephanie Arnold, Elmwood Elementary

Andria Baumgartner, Elmwood Elementary

Andrew Bax, Elmwood Elementary

Anne Blank, Elmwood Elementary

Sarah Cain, Elmwood Elementary

Lilliana Carrillo, Elmwood Elementary

Elizabeth Correa, Elmwood Elementary

Stephanie Cowan, Elmwood Elementary

Debbie Czerak, Elmwood Elementary

Cortes Damary, Elmwood Elementary

Jen Dolson, Elmwood Elementary

Marlene Espinoza, Elmwood Elementary

Emily Fiedler, Elmwood Elementary

Leslie Figueroa, Elmwood Elementary

Nicole Folsom, Elmwood Elementary

Shelby Getzin, Elmwood Elementary

Katelyn Haack, Elmwood Elementary

Victoria Hegranes, Elmwood Elementary

Lynn Henz, Elmwood Elementary

Elizabeth Ivansek, Elmwood Elementary

Kimmy Krzyszkowski, Elmwood Elementary

Matt Langes, Elmwood Elementary

Krissy Ludlam, Elmwood Elementary

McKenna Lulic, Elmwood Elementary

Jen Maita, Elmwood Elementary

Caryn McKissic, Elmwood Elementary

Renate Miller, Elmwood Elementary

Mary Nameche, Elmwood Elementary

Colleen Olenek, Elmwood Elementary

Janet Park, Elmwood Elementary

Anne Pealer, Elmwood Elementary

Gloria Peters, Elmwood Elementary

Kelly Pokorny, Elmwood Elementary

Lauren Rayborn, Elmwood Elementary

Jennifer Reible, Elmwood Elementary

Rebecca Siambekos, Elmwood Elementary

Erin Stablein, Elmwood Elementary

Dana Stevens, Elmwood Elementary

Kelly Wollemann, Elmwood Elementary

Elizabeth Wroblewski, Elmwood Elementary

Mary Kernkamp, Highlands Elementary

Jamie Pontecorvo, Highlands Elementary

Stephanie Hebron, Jefferson Junior High

Lindsay Pennings, Jefferson Junior High

Zahra Vohra, Jefferson Junior High

Alexandria Gohla, Kennedy Junior High

Anthony Murray, Kennedy Junior High

Owen Schade, Kennedy Junior High

Kimberly Blitek, Kingsley Elementary

Katie Calvey, Kingsley Elementary

Anissa Danley, Kingsley Elementary

Ann Estey, Kingsley Elementary

Melissa Herth, Kingsley Elementary

Kathy Keogh, Kingsley Elementary

Kelly Llewellyn, Kingsley Elementary

Michelle Majack, Kingsley Elementary

Jennifer Sardone, Kingsley Elementary

Steven Schnack, Kingsley Elementary

Jill Sowell, Kingsley Elementary

Jamie Wolf, Kingsley Elementary

Brandon Blitek, Lincoln Junior High

Corie Folley, Lincoln Junior High

Brian Glasby, Lincoln Junior High

Kimberly Lukawski, Lincoln Junior High

Jennifer Okarma, Lincoln Junior High

Will Zigterman, Lincoln Junior High

Emily Borta, Madison Junior High

Stephanie Charvat, Madison Junior High

Tracey Cowart, Madison Junior High

Andrea Holba, Madison Junior High

Ashley Johns, Madison Junior High

Stefany Konatarevic, Madison Junior High

Haley Lottig, Madison Junior High

Kelly Radtke, Madison Junior High

Jennifer Sanders, Madison Junior High

Andrea Szczepanski, Madison Junior High

Nancy Voise, Madison Junior High

Elizabeth Yanke, Madison Junior High

Stephen Yi, Madison Junior High

Kathleen Cameron, Maplebrook Elementary

Kristen Napekoski, Maplebrook Elementary

Emily Tonon, Maplebrook Elementary

Amanda Zigterman, Maplebrook Elementary

Susan Ekkebus, Mill Street Elementary

Maribel Guerrero, Mill Street Elementary

Clementina Kuchuris, Mill Street Elementary

Radka Cabrera, Naper Elementary

Ryan Carrizales, Naper Elementary

Kelsey Chaidez, Naper Elementary

Lauren Dawson, Naper Elementary

Tracy Dvorchak, Naper Elementary

Katie Farrell, Naper Elementary

Suzy Flack, Naper Elementary

Tamara Gasior, Naper Elementary

Paige Kelly, Naper Elementary

Kristin Lee, Naper Elementary

Michael Madzinski, Naper Elementary

Alex O’Connor, Naper Elementary

Tim O’Connor, Naper Elementary

Melana Rivera, Naper Elementary

Sarah Ruban, Naper Elementary

Elizabeth Sheridan, Naper Elementary

Nina Stephanides, Naper Elementary

Julie Strang, Naper Elementary

Kendall Willis, Naper Elementary

DJ Alstadt, Naperville Central High

Christine Bell, Naperville Central High

John Brazda, Naperville Central High

Jennifer Jansen, Naperville Central High

John Roegner, Naperville Central High

Jie Su, Naperville Central High

Jackie Thornton, Naperville Central High

Kim Henderson, Naperville North High

Michael Hughes, Naperville North High

Keri King, Naperville North High

Casandra Stevens, Naperville North High

Julie Beehler, NEF

Colleen Cannon-Ruffo, NEF

Charles Cush, NEF

Jean Cush, NEF

Kim Dreisbach, NEF

Kristin Fitzgerald, NEF

Gretchen Gallois, NEF

Wendy Goettsch, NEF

Joseph Harriman, NEF

Monica Lucibello, NEF

Neveen Michael, NEF

Patrick Nolten, NEF

Thomas Reif, NEF

Jackie Romberg, NEF

Kitty Ryan, NEF

Jenny Tank, NEF

Daniel Rohr, Prairie Elementary

Kathryn Rohr, Prairie Elementary

Jacob Wantland, Prairie Elementary

Janet Yang Rohr, Prairie Elementary

Amy Schade, River Woods Elementary

Stacey Siambekos, River Woods Elementary

Kara Van Lieu, River Woods Elementary

Kim Huffman, Scott Elementary

Karoline Boehm-Goodnick, Steeple Run Elementary

Carrie Haberstich, Steeple Run Elementary

Josh Louis, Steeple Run Elementary

Stephanie McCauley, Steeple Run Elementary

Emilie Sanford, Steeple Run Elementary

Christa Valkanos, Steeple Run Elementary

Joe Kozminski, Washington Junior High

Tim Panega, Washington Junior High


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