A message from NEF’s Board Chair and Executive Director

Dear Friends of NEF,

As we embark on the 2020-21 school year, it is clear that school in Naperville 203 will look very different because of COVID-19.  While we continue to listen and learn just how different things will be for our students and families, we want to reassure you that something especially important has not changed… the NEF Mission.

In fact, our mission “to encourage creativity, innovation and excellence in our students by helping to ensure that every student in the district can take advantage of opportunities to make the most of their education,” is something that has never been more important.

We also want you to know that with your generous support, NEF programs will continue.  That includes the Kid Booster Anonymous Fund, which supports at-risk students, and the Kid Booster Crisis Fund, accessed by social workers to provide immediate assistance to assist our most vulnerable families with expenses related to the current crisis.

In addition, NEF will fund both School Appreciation Grants (formerly known as the Trustee Award) and Express Grants to ensure that principals and teachers have the necessary resources to launch innovative instructional ideas in real time. The Annual Grants Program continues as well, providing larger funding amounts for bigger, long-term projects.

NEF will also continue to support INCubator, an entrepreneurial education program at both high schools. Funding for Before and After School Programs will be available as soon as each school is ready to provide those activities for students.

We also look forward to partnering with the Naperville 203 in the new R.I.S.E pilot program which will fund support services for struggling families. More details on this exciting pilot coming soon.

As Naperville 203 moves to a new breakfast program this coming year, a very popular NEF program, Start the Day, has been discontinued. We are very proud to say that the Start the Day Program planted the seed for this new District program.

As you can see, NEF is focused on being a part of the many solutions that will be necessary this coming school year. As always, we are proud to support this outstanding school district and most importantly, Naperville 203 students and families. In doing so, we live the NEF mission and ask you to join us in this important work.  You can do so by making a donation online at or sending a check payable to: Naperville Education Foundation, 203 W. Hillside Road, Naperville, IL 60540

With appreciation, 


Kitty Ryan, Board Chair       Wendy Goettsch, Executive Director