Grant in Action: Math and Science in Motion at Lincoln Junior High School

On a recent visit to Lincoln Junior High School, we saw the NEF grant “Math and Science in Motion” in action. 

An 8th grade math class got hands on experience utilizing motion detectors connected to their Chromebooks for graphing. The grant allows the students to go beyond the normal curriculum of graphing on paper, to take an active role in making and adjusting graphs using technology. Another example of how NEF is encouraging creativity, innovation and excellence in our students. #empower203 

Grant submitted by Kimberly Lukawski, Ronnie Wu, Marianne Keefe, Karen Olson, Brian Glasby, Amy Eissens, Mallory Hashiguchi, Julie Keleghan and Lindsey Lichtenberg. This grant was a winner of The Donald G. Schroeter Prize.


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